If you’re using MT-Blacklist to stop comment spams, feel free to copy my blacklist.txt file in your list. I searched for blacklist files and copied about 20 of them into my master file. Each had at least 10 domains the previous ones didn’t have. Afterwards, I ran the despam, and it found a bunch of spam my manual efforts had missed.

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  1. I’m actually pretty cautious of copying other people’s blacklist files in to a single file. One of the disadvantages of blacklisting is that it’s possible that innocent sites could end up on a blacklist, either due to a mistake or for malicious reasons. My proposed defence against this is to “subscribe” to other blacklists – use them, but don’t merge them in to one file. That way if a blacklist contains false positives you can unsubscribe from it. Merging blacklists means innocent sites could propogate across multiple lists in an uncontrollable manner.

  2. Simon,
    how would you “subscribe” to a list without merging it to your own list? Maybe it’s just because I use MT-blacklist, which just allows you to have 1 list.

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