The ugly underbelly of the web

The longer I work with large corporate intranets, the more I am amazed at how ugly they are. Ugly in that special Internet sense: they use unusual authentication schemes, have plain weird URL design, the list goes on. I particularly find the URL design annoying: in an intranet redesign, you’re often required to recombine existing stuff, but if pages don’t have unique URL’s you’re kinda stuck. What was ever wrong with giving every destination page a unique URL?

0 thoughts on “The ugly underbelly of the web

  1. Oh yea! You’re damn right! When i compare the site of my company with its intranet resourses i just CAN’T understand why not hire the same team which made internet site for intranet design?! I understand that the design of our corporate web-site isn’t perfect but design of our intranet is just HORRIBLE!!!
    Oh… I just can’t understand it…

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