Ah, a category debate! On the Geography of the Bloggies….

Let me humbly provide a few categorization guidelines:

– The discussion is inherently political, so don’t even try to propose a categorization scheme and state that it is more correct.
– Having a category for Africa (which has few webloggers) means promoting webloggers in Africa.
– The amount of bloggers per region is a good guideline to divide regions if you believe everyone should have an equal change to win an award.
– Categories based on population size really don’t make sense.
– Self categorization is the best solution to deciding if a blog is “Asian” (say) as long as the definition of “Asian” isn’t clear. This vague definition and the self-categorization is not necessarily problematic.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense to argue for the correct denomination of the bloggies. After all, there are blogs from all oaver the world.
    The South American bloggers may take issued with the American label – I do – and in the end it is a mater of education.

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