Looking for a hosting company that lets me host multiple (smallish) sites, the usual goodies but nothing special (multiple mysql databases, …), and costing significantly less than 500 US$ or 350 UK Pound a year. Recommendations welcome!

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  1. http://www.neathosting.net, was highly recommended to me recently so I’m thinking of moving there. Their replies to my initial enquires were really impressive.

    I use http://kangaweb.com, which has good support (but kind of poor features if you are not a server/code junkie – but I think that’s your case ;). I’ve been with them for over four years and used http://kangaweb.com.au for my clients when I did business in Australia.

    Both have very good prices.

  2. Thanks all! I’ve decided to go with UZipp because I have over 10 domains with little traffic to host, and they’re clearly the cheapest yet seem to have sufficient features.

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