Some links about the international coffee trade:

The Campaign to Humanize the Coffee Trade:
– “The world trades more coffee than any commodity except petroleum (and illegal drugs).”
– “Starbucks buys a miniscule amount of its coffee from the Fair Trade system—less than 0.1 of 1 percent of all the beans that Starbucks buys. But, he says, don’t blame the company for that. Smith says the problem is that Fair Trade activists are trying to sell coffee that’s not always very good. He says Starbucks planned to buy—but then rejected—some shipments of Fair Trade coffee last year, because the beans didn’t meet Starbucks’ quality guidelines. […] the company makes virtually the same profit, whether it sells beans stamped “Fair Trade” or not.”
– “‘One needs to choose,’ she says slowly, searching for just the right words. ‘You have only so much time in your life, and so you need to choose your issues. You need to choose the things that you want to be passionate about, the things you want to care about, give your money to, give your attention to.'”

The Campaign to Humanize the Coffee Trade:
– In order to get to that meeting, I just mentioned between Denaux and the farmers – a two-hour meeting – we had to drive for 10 hours over bone-crunching mountain roads. That trip didn’t unearth any scandals. But now the Fair Trade coffee movement has a face.

Child victims of coffee trade wars

Global Exchange : Fair Trade Coffee: “To become Fair Trade certified, an importer must meet stringent international criteria; paying a minimum price per pound of $1.26, providing much needed credit to farmers, and providing technical assistance such as help transitioning to organic farming.”

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  1. Coming from a country known for it’s coffee and sugar (I call our exports “the desert supply of the world”), I find the Fair Trade talk very beautiful, but it’s as effective as discussing Web Standards or the Semantic Web — sounds awesome but everyone expects someone else to get things done. Sad.

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