Sam points out on Afongen that O’Reilly have a Blog This button, for example on this page.

Clicking it shows a popup window that lists some code and suggested text to paste in your blog entry. I don’t like it.


0 thoughts on “

  1. “I don’t like it.”

    That’s it? No explaination why? Nothing else?

    Hehe. Well that settles it. I don’t like it either. You really sold me. :)

  2. There are many reasons why I don’t like it but I can’t really articulate them… No time to think it through – sometimes you have to go with your gut feel (until someone convinces you you’re wrong) :)

  3. How on this green earth is anyone supposed to convince you you’re wrong if you won’t given any reasons for your position?

    Bah… a waste of a click.

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