Blogmapper is so cool it makes me want to go travel and use it. (As if I’m not dying to go travel anyway. What are you gonna do – working in the US means 3 weeks of holiday a year. Arg).

Work in the enterprise market can be a bit of a shocker.

I learnt most of what I know from communities of programmers and IA’s on the web. A lot of information is being shared. So when I started working in the enterprise application market a year ago, I hoped for something similar.

Nope. It is extremely hard to find the kind of down-to-earth information that is available in the open source world for enterprise applications like, say, SAP. Nobody’s sharing. No mailing lists on SAP, and I have yet to see a blog that discusses SAP. A search for blog+SAP yields almost nothing of relevance, except for SAP’s own blogs (not very good).

SAP itself does make an effort to make information available, but obviously, there’s always an angle there.

My SAP link of the day: In the SAP Portals world, a portal consists of little iViews (like iframes) that contain functionality (things like change your address, search a database, view reports, …) iViewstudio lists the various iviews available from SAP and from other vendors. Look at the screenshots to get an idea – below is a small example of an iView.

iviewexample.gif || Notes Toward a Moderation Economy: “Whether you call it Mojo, Karma, “Standing,” or something else, all content rating feedback systems have some sort of currency. While there are many different ways of acquiring and spending such capital, nobody seems to have implemented an economy varied enough to be robust. And this is the key to building a system which can be stable in the long term.” (via EiM)