I’m stopping the blogging thing for a while

And I’ll miss it.

I am moving poorbuthappy.com to a new server. I have managed to make the colombia section work, with all its functionality and mod_rewrite crazyness. I haven’t been able to install MT. I also haven’t been able to figure out a good way to port my data. So what you’re looking at now is a static site (that’s why the comments are gone). If anyone tells you installing MT is easy, please politely kick them in the balls for me.

Help: I am moving my

Help: I am moving my MT blog to a different server. I uploaded all the files to the new server, including the DB files (I wasn’t using mysql).

Turns out my new server doesn’t have DB_File installed, so I’ll have to use mysql. How can I get the data from my old MT installation (which is in a DB database) into a mysql database? All tips are welcome!

I put Google Adsense on

I put Google Adsense on Easy Topic Maps two weeks ago. There have been 1,324 impressions and 40 clickthroughs (about 3 by myself), which gives an impressive average clickthrough rate of 3.0% (I’m not supposed to say that) and made me $11.59. Not bad at all. Other people have reported clickthrough rates of 4%, revenues of $100 in a day for a popular blog. Of course, not everybody thinks it’s cool.

I’m not sure I’ll leave it on there, but if you have some very focused and clean (Google declines ‘offensive’ sites, probably based on a crawl) sites, why not?