Jonathon Delacour: Enabling CJK language

Jonathon Delacour: Enabling CJK language support. If you add, say, Korean characters to your text and a user hasn’t installed a Korean font, they will see a bunch of boxes. What is a user friendly way of helping them out? Something like: “(Korean – only see boxes?)”

– Indicate which language it is
– Have a link to a page that explains how to install the fonts

0 thoughts on “Jonathon Delacour: Enabling CJK language

  1. How about assuming that anybody capable of reading the Korean text will already have the fonts installed?

  2. Good suggestion. My intention was to have a link at the top of my navigation panel to a page that explains that I’m using Japanese as well as English text plus the link you suggested (to an explanation of how to install the IME and fonts).

    Your post seems to imply that I include a link to this explanatory page with every post I write that includes Japanese characters and I was wondering if this is what you actually meant? (My instinct is that this seems to be unnecessarily repetitive.)

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