Revenge of the Nerds: “Let

Revenge of the Nerds: “Let me start by admitting that I don’t know much about ICAD. I do know that it’s written in Lisp, and in fact includes Lisp, in the sense that it lets users create and run Lisp programs.

It’s fairly common for programs written in Lisp to include Lisp. Emacs does, and so does Yahoo Store. But if you think about it, that’s kind of strange. How many programs written in C include C, in the sense that the user actually runs the C compiler while he’s using the application? I can’t think of any, unless you count Unix as an application. We’re only a minute into this talk and already Lisp is looking kind of unusual.”

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  1. Macsyma (Maxima, etc.) the symbolic algebra/calculus package is also written in LISP, and likewise includes the ability to enter the LISP sub-system and write, run, and compile LISP functions.

    Love it.

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