I was setting up Microsoft

I was setting up Microsoft Money with the hope and expectation I would be able to import my bank statement details from my online (US) bank account. Turns out I need to actually type in every transaction! Did I miss something? I was using Money 2000 – maybe the new version does that? I’ll buy it if it does, but if I have to type in everything, forget about it. Anyone know how this works?

0 thoughts on “I was setting up Microsoft

  1. Your financial institution must support Microsoft Money in order to download transactions. Do you know if it does?

  2. MS Money 2003 suppost synching, the 2001 version didn’t. The Money docs say they support the PNC bank (my bank), but after calling my bank it turns out that is NOT true: PNC Bank cannot synch with MS money. Too bad! It almost makes me want to change banks…

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