FacetMap: “FacetMap continues to bring

FacetMap: “FacetMap continues to bring you innovations in faceted classification. There’s a certain type of facet which almost everyone would like to use, but which no one has offered — until now. The new Spectrum facet type allows your users to navigate numerical data, by specifying their own range of numbers instead of picking from a list of arbitrarily predefined ranges.” Nifty.

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  1. I think this is something that XFML really needs to consider. Since XFML is partially aimed at bloggers, it needs a way of handling both dates (for the date of an entry) and numbers (for things like number of comments). If you look at Mark Pilgrim’s XFML feed he’s defined a huge number of topics to represent dates and number-of-comments, leading to a lot of extra “bulk” in the file. I think a native way of representing this kind of quantised data would be a huge improvement to the spec.

  2. Agreed. And there is more: ‘Range’ (think a slider) would be nice as well. But I still haven’t decided on the scope of XFML2.0 – I think it will take at least another year for that to materialize. Nobody has yet used the capabilities of XFML Core (Taxomita 2.0 hopefully will change that within 6-12 months)

  3. Along with the ability to specify ranges, what would be truly nifty would being able to say something like:

    <facet id=”cat” importURL=”http://xfml.org/datemap.xfml#date”></facet>

    Saves everyone reinventing the same damn facet over and over. Also darn nifty for aggregation.

  4. Great idea. Some complex implications for the tools though – I’ll have to think them through. What if some topics in that facet change or are removed by the author?

  5. Same as any other external reference… you take your chances, one bitten twice shy …

    I’m thinking that various facets might get picked up and shared by others, perhaps without the original authors intent, but then over time standardised versions get split off to provide stability, just like we’ve got IPTC xfml maps at xfml.org now. If xfml.org could host some of these standards that would be great …

  6. Yes, that’s the idea behind -connect- and -psi-: topics and entire facets get reused but the system can figure out they are the same if these elements are used. You can even rename them and still be fine. xfml.org will soon-ish (?) host an xfml file of xfml ‘standard’ facets.

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