Art House Digital Cinema Is

Art House Digital Cinema Is Here: “We%u2019re developing a national network of specialty screens, called EmergingCinemas, by entering into joint ventures with local cultural centers, such as museums, performing arts centers, and, perhaps the most exciting of all, restored %u201Cmovie palaces,%u201D via a strategic marketing alliance with the League of Historic American Theaters (LHAT). New digital technology can return %u201Cthe movies%u201D to these grand old venues, which in many cases have abandoned an ongoing cinema offering. We%u2019re providing the required hardware, the programming and the marketing expertise for them to have an ongoing quality cinema offering for their communities.”

ongoing · Perfect Tool: Dandelion Killer: “So from time to time I’ll write up an example of a tool that comes close to the Platonic ideal: it does what it does as well as what it does can be done. I’ll use a very inclusive definition of %u201Ctool%u201D: hardware, software, you name it. Suggestions are welcome. Today we start with the humble Dandelion Killer.”

Visual SourceSafe isn’t really great

Visual SourceSafe isn’t really great for versioning with documents (as opposed to code). When I create a new doc, I have to create the doc locally, close it, put it in sourcesafe, check it out and open it again locally. Annoying. When I want to edit a doc I have to close it if I have it open, open Sourcesafe, browse to the right directory, check it out, open the document again and then edit it. And then not forget to check it in again.