US public turns to Europe

US public turns to Europe for news: “Jon Dennis, deputy news editor of the Guardian Unlimited web site said: “We have noticed an upsurge in traffic from America, primarily because we are receiving more emails from US visitors thanking us for reporting on worldwide news in a way that is unavailable in the US media.”

US media (especially the news) is indeed shockingly stupid. I can tell – I live here now. – SADDAM’S SOLDIERS SURRENDER: – SADDAM’S SOLDIERS SURRENDER: “TERRIFIED Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Kuwait border and tried to surrender to British forces – because they thought the war had already started. […] The stunned Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade were forced to tell the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and ordered them back to their home country telling them it was too early to surrender.” “The HP ProLiant DL560 “The HP ProLiant DL560 server comes with up to four Intel Xeon processors and up to 12GB of memory. Prices start at $7,099.” Make that 100GB of memory and we’re talking. Then I could have my entire system in RAM – database and all. (I’m not a server expert though)

matt jones: “If you had

matt jones: “If you had to get someone of guru-status to both introduce and inspire a group of about 100 designers from various backgrounds about the field of interaction design, who would you pick?” I haven’t got a clue. Like, really. I guess I need to go to more conferences and shit.

A study shows content management

A study shows content management systems often fail, and the implementors all over go like: we knew that! It’s just the suits who didn’t know. Gerry writes an article about it and says: “But do you need such software? Most companies don’t. I know organizations that are successfully running massive websites with Microsoft FrontPage.” Upon which John asks: “How could a site like run on Frontpage?” Consider this: the BBC news site reportedly ran happily on FTP and server side includes until 1999. It sounds like afterwards they moved to a home grown system. Anyone knows the current status there? Non trivial indeed.

Is it possible/easy to develop

Is it possible/easy to develop plugins for IE? It sure looks like it – so how does that work? And if so, with all due respect to all the developers out there who have built a newsfeed aggregator, why hasn’t anyone developed a newsfeed aggregator that just plugs into IE? Develop it, make it easy to use, include all the usual goodies + categories, and charge me $10. Come’on.

Mags shares a way to

Mags shares a way to dicsover which facets are useful for users on the Faceted Classification list: “It worked in the same way that you would normally play 20 questions as kids. The user tries to guess what the item is, by asking about aspects or facets of the object. The faciliator can only answer yes or no. Once the user gets to 20 questions they must guess what it is. If the user knows the answer before the 20 questions are up they can guess. It’s not important that the user guesses correctly or incorrectly, the most important information to extract are the facets.” F*cking brilliant. I was discussing ways to research what facets people use with Rashmi, but I couldn’t think of anything. This sounds like a practical and fun research method.