The IA Summit in Portland

The IA Summit in Portland was fantastic. I am still suffering from a severe cold that seemed to be doing the rounds, but it was by far the best conference I have ever attended.

When my head clears up a bit, I will go through my notes and report on the happenings. Meanwhile:

Erin Malone
Adam Greenfield
Mark Bernstein
Lieke (aka Pauline)
The collaborative summit blog
Lou Rosenfeld
Victor Lombardi
Thomas Vanderwal

(Hey, Peterme‘s back)

0 thoughts on “The IA Summit in Portland

  1. Hey, it really is like a webring…. On one site you find a link to the next and to the next and to the …. and to the first back again.


    by the way, my real name is Lieke and my aka is Pauline ;-)

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