Jorge A. Toro: (via IASlash)

Jorge A. Toro: (via IASlash) “CardZort is a computer application that runs card sorting exercises. Its main purpose is to offer a complete computer-aided system that allows the fast creation and execution of card sorting exercises, and the analysis of the resulting groups via cluster analysis.
CardZort makes use of a graphical metaphor that closely mimics the real card sorting process. Cards are dragged and dropped over each other to create piles, which is very similar to the way it is done by hand.”

0 thoughts on “Jorge A. Toro: (via IASlash)

  1. I’ve checked in the core of an open source Mozilla based card sorting tool to CVS at

    It doesn’t save results or do analysis yet, but it uses XML files for storing configuration information and has a functioning drag and drop run interface. Contributors/comments welcome.

    See the screenshots

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