My new theory is that

My new theory is that referrer spam is used to increase the amount of links to the referring websites since many pages detailing referer logs get crawled by Google. It’s probably effective: do a search for “Generated by Webalizer Version” on Google (Webalizer is a popular search analysis tool), thus pre-selecting 112,000 referrer logs that are crawled by Google, and spam those sites with your site as referrer, thus increasing your pagerank. I would have kept my mouth shut but people are already doing it, so I might as well speak out.

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  1. I’m sure that’s it, exactly. It’s also the answer to “why would someone spam my comments?” They don’t expect that someone reading a month-old entry about something else will decide that they want to pay $29.95 to look up zip codes, they’ve just started with something that’s highly ranked on a Google search for something like “blogger comments” (the search referer I got the one time I was at the start of a comment spam run), and then a “related” search gives them their next highly-ranked target, and as long as a few of their comment links survive until Google’s next crawl (which, with Google crawling lots of blogs constantly, may well be that same night), they’ve won.

  2. Playing Devil’s Advocate, one would question why someone would post their stats pages for public viewing in the first place. In addition, Googlebot, Inktomi, Scooter and every other search engine’s bot crawls every page in existence that it can get its hands on. Looking at the logs of my dvd site would reveal some 20,000 page views from Google alone, and their bot seems to have hundreds of IP addresses, each showing on a different line, filling up the display quota of my installation of Webalizer and thus hiding all the human visits to my site. How is this any different?

  3. I think there are many other ways to “spam” search engines and I don’t think the way you describe above is ideal. imho.

  4. I DONOT like WebAlizer.
    Main reasons:
    1) Not very correct stats
    2) Refspam through webalizer logs

    Refspam is popular in my country, and in case they make it more often the site with WebAlizer may me ddosed.

    Thats what i think

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