WERBLOG: “On Alexa’s list of

WERBLOG: “On Alexa’s list of the Top 500 Sites on the Web, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google are in the top 5. That’s not surprising. But sites #3 and #4 are, at least to me. They are two South Korean portals. In all, 11 of the top 20 sites on the Alexa list are Asian, dominated by Korea.
I knew Korea had the world’s highest penetration rates for broadband and mobile phones, but hadn’t realized how much usage patterns have shifted as a result. After all, this is a country with less than one-fifth the population of the US. Something major is happening when the usage disparity is that great. ”
Jeremy: “This really caught my attention. It makes sense in the context of known usage patterns associated with broadband. Research shows that broadband consumers use the Internet much more frequently and for longer durations. I’ve also read that something like 50% of website usage is driven by broadband users, despite only 20% having it in the US. With Korean broadband usage so high, it makes sense. But like Kevin, I would have never guessed that it would skew this much.” Just wait for the Chinese to get online.

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