I am trying to figure

I am trying to figure out how to treat screenshots (I want that nice 3D look where a screen is “standing up”, slightly turned away from the viewer, with a little shadow – can’t find any example sites right now) for the new Taxomita site (Taxomita 1.0 should launch soon-ish). I also want to do a box image and have an easy way to update that. Any tools out there? Photoshop plugins? Tips?

The IA Summit in Portland

The IA Summit in Portland was fantastic. I am still suffering from a severe cold that seemed to be doing the rounds, but it was by far the best conference I have ever attended.

When my head clears up a bit, I will go through my notes and report on the happenings. Meanwhile:

Erin Malone
Adam Greenfield
Mark Bernstein
Lieke (aka Pauline)
The collaborative summit blog
Lou Rosenfeld
Victor Lombardi
Thomas Vanderwal

(Hey, Peterme‘s back)