I am trying to figure

I am trying to figure out how to treat screenshots (I want that nice 3D look where a screen is “standing up”, slightly turned away from the viewer, with a little shadow – can’t find any example sites right now) for the new Taxomita site (Taxomita 1.0 should launch soon-ish). I also want to do a box image and have an easy way to update that. Any tools out there? Photoshop plugins? Tips?

The IA Summit in Portland

The IA Summit in Portland was fantastic. I am still suffering from a severe cold that seemed to be doing the rounds, but it was by far the best conference I have ever attended.

When my head clears up a bit, I will go through my notes and report on the happenings. Meanwhile:

Erin Malone
Adam Greenfield
Mark Bernstein
Lieke (aka Pauline)
The collaborative summit blog
Lou Rosenfeld
Victor Lombardi
Thomas Vanderwal

(Hey, Peterme‘s back)

The Arrogant Empire: “Some in

The Arrogant Empire: “Some in Washington have pointed out that whenever the United States has taken strong military action—for example, the deployment of Pershing nuclear missiles in Europe in the early 1980s—there was popular opposition in Europe. True, but this time it’s different.
the United States will spend as much next year on defense as the rest of the world put together (yes, all 191 countries).
The U.S. economy is as large as the next three—Japan, Germany and Britain—put together. With 5 percent of the world’s population, this one country accounts for 43 percent of the world’s economic production, 40 percent of its high-technology production and 50 percent of its research and development.
Given this situation, perhaps what is most surprising is that the world has not ganged up on America already.
go back to 1945. When America had the world at its feet, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman chose not to create an American imperium, but to build a world of alliances and multilateral institutions.
But should the guiding philosophy of the world’s leading democracy really be the tough talk of a Chicago mobster? In terms of effectiveness, this strategy has been a disaster. It has alienated friends and delighted enemies. Having traveled around the world and met with senior government officials in dozens of countries over the past year, I can report that with the exception of Britain and Israel, every country the administration has dealt with feels humiliated by it.”

Mike Lee: “I recreated part

Mike Lee: “I recreated part of JJG’s Yahoo! Mail diagram. Since I can do text entry with the PocketPC block recognizer pretty well, the diagram came together in about 30 minutes – about as long as it would have taken in Visio. Not surprisingly, I found it difficult to build a diagram while on a moving subway car, train, or ferry.”

Jorge A. Toro: (via IASlash)

Jorge A. Toro: (via IASlash) “CardZort is a computer application that runs card sorting exercises. Its main purpose is to offer a complete computer-aided system that allows the fast creation and execution of card sorting exercises, and the analysis of the resulting groups via cluster analysis.
CardZort makes use of a graphical metaphor that closely mimics the real card sorting process. Cards are dragged and dropped over each other to create piles, which is very similar to the way it is done by hand.”

HubLog: But why?: “So Seb

HubLog: But why?: “So Seb had some nice ideas, and said let’s get everyone to write structured blogs with metadata, and everyone went yeah! that’s great let’s do that, it’ll be semantic. So I made blam!, because I could. And then I thought, that was easy: I could make some kind of Blosqlom, that stored all the files in a database so they could have loads of keywords attached, like metadata, instead of single categories. And I could make a form that was launched by a bookmarklet from an Amazon page that you could fill your review into and it would post your review to blam! and give you the HTML with pictures and metadata and everything to post into your own weblog, where allconsuming could find it as well.”


I’m not sure if this

I’m not sure if this proliferance of on-page widgets is good or bad. I like the clippings widget on the IHT, and the sacbee toolbar is very well done but contains some gratatious functionality (toggle to non-serif?). Beautiful though. The Rush Limbaugh disgronifier (don’t ask) is typical as well, but pretty ugly. (Links via the CMS-list)

Can someone have a think about this and come up with some rules? (For our readers called Jakob: not you!) Something like: when to use this, what to include and exclude, and how to deal with the icon problem/opportunity. I have to get to work.

How this one slipped under

How this one slipped under the radar until now I don’t know. “Our research seeks to bring modern information management and retrieval technologies to the average computer user in order to make computers a more compelling place for users to interact with their information.” Screenshot using faceted classification.

My new theory is that

My new theory is that referrer spam is used to increase the amount of links to the referring websites since many pages detailing referer logs get crawled by Google. It’s probably effective: do a search for “Generated by Webalizer Version” on Google (Webalizer is a popular search analysis tool), thus pre-selecting 112,000 referrer logs that are crawled by Google, and spam those sites with your site as referrer, thus increasing your pagerank. I would have kept my mouth shut but people are already doing it, so I might as well speak out.