I can’t seem to find

I can’t seem to find a friendly (no hacking required, simple installation, simple admin area) PHP script that:

– lets me gather a variety of RSS feeds
– lets me (optionally) organize them in categories
– displays them in an HTML page by category groups, entries mixed within a category by date
– let’s me adjust the template easily

How hard can it be? All I see is hundreds of script kiddie scripts in various stages of completion. Arg. Any tips?

0 thoughts on “I can’t seem to find

  1. For a content management system you could use Php-nuke (http://www.phpnuke.org) which after a site visitor registers on your site they / & you as a user can select preset rss feeds to view.

    But as for a site addon script for rss feeds haven’t seen one. It seems as rare as a highly configurable & decent chat script (php & mysql version)

    Good Luck,

  2. But it still requires me to hack together an admin screen… Why is it that there are 1000s of PHP scripts but some basic ones are still missing…?

  3. How can i get to finder??? I have tryed everything and nothing works!!!! I also can’t install the hacks……

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