Data Discussions – a Wilshire

Data Discussions – a Wilshire Conferences Interview with R.Todd Stephens: “R. Todd Stephens is the Director of the Metadata Services Group for the BellSouth Corporation, a role he established in 1999. One of the things that makes Todd particularly interesting as the subject of this discussion is that his laid-back personality and easy sense of humor disguise the driven man within – he’s a guy with both business acumen and serious technical smarts. AND he understands how to make himself and his department indispensable – he’s constantly increasing the value of his department by taking on new responsibilities and new technologies. At this stage his group is involved in architectural efforts that effect the development and implementation of database metadata, data transformation, components, XML, content, documentation, web services, messaging, metrics, interfaces, and the Enterprise Information Portal. Todd is setting an example for the next generation of corporate metadata management – he’s business-driven, financially accountable, technically savvy and most of all he’s wildly enthusiastic about what metadata can do for the organization.”

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