Cooper redesigned their website (Victor

Cooper redesigned their website (Victor noticed). A quick look at it: I like it except for the homepage. Darn. The old one was a lot nicer – I preferred to get a feel for the projects they’ve done straight up. Of course, the 1996 version is interesting as well :) One thing I notices about the new site is the very crips IA: everything is clearly divided into categories. However, that is a problem: often users need more than one type of information on a page (especially a homepage) – I feel there isn’t enough cross promotion going on on the site. For example, it takes a few clicks into the WHY COOPER section to learn about their experience. If you didn’t know them you could be excused for thinking they were the new kids on the block. And the dropdown menus suck. Jump around all over the place – at least on my machine. Enough complaining now!

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