0 thoughts on “Things like this are why

  1. Heh, the switching is far from painless, particularly if you want to have a consistant look across modern browsers and and operating systems. The worst one to get the correct presentation is IE 5.5 and 6 for Windows. The Mac version works much like the Mozilla variants. However once the conversion has been made and you are happy with things the upkeep and modifications are so much easier. It is wonderfully clean mark-up and very maleable from that point. Moving the navigation from left to right or even removing navigation from printing is very clean and easy.

    Best of luck getting the point of being tableless.

  2. I’ll only use tables for layout again when someone tells me their site absolutely positively must have a footer – or all users will spontanesously combust whenever they use the site. I’m sorry, but not switching to CSS because it won’t do one thing that tables can is a bit silly, especially since:
    – CSS wasn’t made to replace tables
    – Tables weren’t supposed to be used for layout in the first place

  3. RE>don’t tell me it will be painless.

    It will be painless :) . Or at least, no more pain than layout with tables. I know it sucks to have to learn something new when you already know how to do it another way, but CSS is the future.

    btw, the footer problem has been solved. For example on:

    Isn’t that sweet? Works in all browsers too. A little padding is all it takes. A hack perhaps, but less of a hack than tables. This was, incidentally, simply a modification of the glish 3 column template. Kudos to Mike Angeles’s CSS chops.

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