Adam about the Asilomar interview

Adam about the Asilomar interview feels the AIFIA hasn’t done a good job in communicating with their (potential) members: “Maybe they’re too close. From their perspective, the merits of such an institution may be so obvious that they admit to no further elucidation.” I agree (disclosure: I am on their leadership council). We haven’t done a great job.

Many people question the value of an organization like AIFIA. I did too, but I changed my mind. (Or maybe I just got assimilated) I am starting up a project to discuss and promote IA in an international context. I happen to think IA is too US focussed right now. Anyway, for a project like that to succeed, having an organisation like AIFIA to support it is very useful. Other projects that are in the works will benefit as well – people are working on ideas to promote IA, a job board, and more. It is getting interesting. If you have ideas for projects that can benefit IA in general, and you want AIFIA support, contact us and discuss it. Maybe we can help with something.

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