This is a goldmine. Dewey

This is a goldmine. Dewey Decimal Classification : Tips : Classification Tips : The Moon, the Sun, and the DDC: “Why are two seemingly similar books classed in two different places? In classifying two books by Jane Kelly, What’s inside the moon? and What’s inside the sun?, I noticed that LC put the former under 559.91 and the latter under 523.76. Why does one go in geology but the other in astronomy? Shouldn’t both be under either the 520s or the 550s? –
No. The Class-here note at 550 says to use the 550s for phenomena of celestial bodies directly comparable to earth; thus, the 559.91 is correct for the book about the moon. But because the sun is a star, not a planet, as the Earth is, it cannot be classed in the 550s. 523.76 is the correct number. (Also, geology is the study of the solid matter of a world. The sun does not have a solid interior.)”

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