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InformationWeek > Search Engines > City Ogles Google Impact > January 22, 2003: “For instance, the public would get no results when it entered the word “maps” when looking for directions to city facilities, and employees had little success with terms such as “GroupWise” (the Novell E-mail software used by city workers) and “E-Pay” (a tool that provides intranet access to direct-deposit check stubs). When the city asked Verity how to solve the problem, the vendor suggested an upgrade to its K2 knowledge-management suite, as well as a taxonomy engine.
That option would have cost the city more than it wanted to spend, but as luck would have it, Google came knocking. Bill Cull, the city’s E-government program manager, says that because city officials were so familiar with Google, it was hard to ignore the vendor’s pitch. It also didn’t hurt that it was being offered a special price as a public entity.” Google kicks ass compared to pricey and immature taxonomy offerings. Mmm.

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  1. While it may be true, this kind of non-technical article that looks at technical products is very superficial. As the program manager says in the article, “It’s hard to measure the value to the city.” Well yeah, that’s because you didn’t.

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