Sovjet Design Process

Unspoken Secrets of Webdesign number One: Forget about Phases.

You know all the nicely done phase 1 – discovery, phase 2 – design – and-so-on things webdesign companies have? The Sovjet Design Process. Burocratic. It is done because it ensures some level of quality, but it isn’t how brilliant websites are designed. The main motivators behind Sovjet Design Process are fear and restriction. Fear of working with people who don’t have a clue what’s going on, which means they have to be guided through a strict process in order to deliver some kind of results. The result in this case is mediocracy. Mediocracy is better than bad design, by the way.

Sovjet Design Process is not how brilliant websites are built. The best design teams are able to work through things jumping from a business goal to an interface widget and back to an information architecture while discussing a technical detail. Everybody is a specialist in one field, and a generalist in most others, and more importantly, there is an appropriate mix of skills. The programmers understand basic marketing. Teams like this require a high level of trust to run smoothly, trust between each other and trust from the people they work for. Where is the study of excellent design teams and what makes them that way?

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