The keyboard of my laptop

The keyboard of my laptop is fucked. I plugged in a keyboard, and now when I type on the plugged in keyboard things work fine, but when I type on my laptop keyboard I get numbers for certain letters. Here goes: ” get n40bers f6r certa5n 3etters.”

I’m running Win XP on a Compaq Presario 700. I have 2 accounts on my laptop, the problem doesn’t occur on the other account (in Win XP you can have multiple logins, each with its own desktop preferences and such). I couldn’t find any tips on the compaq site… anyone has an idea?

0 thoughts on “The keyboard of my laptop

  1. Hi Peter
    Good golly, this goes back to ’02. I just had this happen on my old laptop and it was driving me nuts. I searched and searched google and finally found you. Thank you so much for such a simple answer. It worked and I couldn’t be happier.
    Thanks again

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