My cable internet company is

My cable internet company is screwing me (charging things I didn’t order) but since they’re a monopoly I can’t change. If I get this wireless router, can I then let everyone in the building know they can use my wireless access point? And how much is a wireless card for my laptop (Compaq)?

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  1. Of course you can. However remember that since you have a cable modem you’ll be breaking your ISP’s terms and conditions … which may (or may not) upset you.

    Wireless cards are typically about US$50 and can be found cheaper then that second hand. Depending on where you live you might want to check to see if there are any local community wireless groups.


  2. You can of course share the wireless access by warchalking the connection information outside your apartment or something, that way you can claim you were hax0red if the big bad cable company drop down on you.

    Or you can just go the paranoid route and turn off DHCP, turn on WEP and rotate the ESSID and Channel.

    If you get WEP to work, please let me know, because it doesn’t seem to work with my netgear wireless card…

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