Digital Web Magazine – Features:

Digital Web Magazine – Features: The Psychology of Navigation: “A typical user, faced with a typical, freshly loaded Web page – her eyes bouncing around the page – takes in all the options available.” No they don’t. At least not when they’re looking for something – they’ll click the first likely link.

0 thoughts on “Digital Web Magazine – Features:

  1. and then: “The navigation decision—whether or not to click—hinges on the mental image users create of the page they expect to see.” wrong again – that (in my not-so-humble opinion) is a complete misunderstanding of how scent of information really works. At the very least, there is no “picture”. An expectation of certain content.

  2. ok, so that’s not what he meant by “mental image” (I read further). The whole article rubs me the wrong way though… I guess trying to explain things simply – in this case – Jesse went over the edge of misrepresentation for me… I’ll shut up now.

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