I joined the “Leadership council”

I joined the “Leadership council” of the AIFIA. I will be leading (which means I will basically start it up and keep it going) an initiative to provide translation services for IA related content. Could be cool. More later.

Meanwhile, let me reassure you about Aifia. It is set up by a bunch of really good people who are trying hard to build a good non profit organisation for information architects. They made some public relations mistakes, but they’re information architects, not branding experts. (I’m writing about this Cluetrain style). The first thing I proposed after accepting the invitation to join (people get elected) was to change that name: “Leadership council”. It has all the wrong undertones. Really. The majority didn’t feel so, so we move on. It’s all about getting good stuff done for information architecture as a field. So I’m gonna focus on that.

If you have questions/feedback about the Aifia, feel free to contact me personally.

Now get involved if you have ideas and time to spare. Good people are doing good things. It’s kind of exciting.

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