And more reactions to Mark’s

And more reactions to Mark’s XFML post:

metaGarbage: “XFML is a new kid on the block and yet another metadata format, somewhat similar to RSS. I%u2019m not quite sure of what use it is to me at the moment, but there%u2019s a feed available.”

Sean McGrath :”Breaking out of rigid hierarchies with faceted classification and XFML. Doesn’t this look nice? […] I see a bright future for XFML.”

Mickblog: “This is an interesting variation on RSS/RDF. It allows you to describe your site in a much more categorical manner and allows you to create more poweful navigation aids. I’m sure it does much more but thats good enough to be interesting.”

G10.log: “My question to Has is, “how expensive would it be to implement XML, XFML into a site to make the site’s content accessible to anyone?” There are many companies that fall into the $10,000 and under price tag for a site, is it possible to build some of these “advanced” technologies into a site without dramatically increasing the cost?” How about, like, for free?

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