XFML (through Mark’s excellent post) is getting people thinking. The word imagine crops up regularly in these posts.

Heal Your Church: “Using a format such as XFML, or at least a much smaller node-like structure based upon an XFML element, the system then goes out and pushes the necessary information into our waiting queue, emails the appropriate moderator for final approval. No forms, no typos, no fuss, no muss. ”

Traumwind: “XFML, Lua and Traumtank
well, maybe not in that order… But that’s what is keeping me ticking these last days.”

Rowboat: “This has the data structuralist in me drooling! It’s like having that pile of Lego in front of me again!”

Column Two: “This is a really useful case-study that shows how faceted classification information can be converted into a range of navigation and searching tools, amongst other wonders. “

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