Quiver’s QKS Classifier: “We wanted

Quiver’s QKS Classifier: “We wanted to compare the results from a Quiver test with those of a manual process and a rules-based categorization tool. This article describes the results […]”. But the article is hidden behind a password. Frustration – they could at least give an overview of the conclusions!

0 thoughts on “Quiver’s QKS Classifier: “We wanted

  1. I just added some XFML feeds to a little site I have been playing with. A bot walks newspaper and aggregator sites looking for “interesting” pages using a concept-based technique. Articles are grabbed, text-scraped, summarized and transformed. They are automatically categorized; the “concepts” serve also as XFML topics. All searches are available in XFML, as well as RSS.


    I just stumbled on XFML a few weeks ago and am still sorting it all out, but thought you might might find this interesting.

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