I’m getting ready for new years eve festivities and I have an hour to kill – what better time to do an overview of 2002 as I remember it.

What I did in 2002:
– Quit my job in February
– Moved to NYC
– Wrote XFML in the summer
– Got together with my lovely girlfriend
– Got a new job, and appartment and a visa in NYC

It’s been a fantastic year.

The rest of the world watched as the USA prepared for the first unprovoked war started by a western country since, and my history may be failing me here, WW2. That’s despite signing a bunch of treaties that should prevent this stuff. Within the US, there has been a very strong swing to the right. The country keeps up its efforts to destabilize the middle east (effectively creating the next generation of anti-US terrorists). People here seem clueless or don’t care. Fairly, dare I say it, fascist acts like the Homeland Security Bill are accepted without much comment or protest.

Again, I’m not much of a political person, but if you’ve had even a little but of European history, this is scary stuff. If you’ve read 1984, it’s even scarier. Newspeak abounds.

Let me tell you about my aunties in Belgium. They are conservative, non political at all. In Europe, we have always respected the US because they bailed us out in WW2, and got us going economically in the decades after that. Respect. When I visited Belgium, I saw four of my aunts. Each and every one of them commented on the direction the U.S. is taking as being a really fucked up (my words) thing. That is a dramatic swing in what they think of the US. Americans don’t realize their leaders are antagonizing moderate, conservative people like my aunties all over the world. Europe. Asia.

Don’t mess with my aunties, USA. Let me assure you, you can’t handle them.

The keyboard of my laptop

The keyboard of my laptop is fucked. I plugged in a keyboard, and now when I type on the plugged in keyboard things work fine, but when I type on my laptop keyboard I get numbers for certain letters. Here goes: ” get n40bers f6r certa5n 3etters.”

I’m running Win XP on a Compaq Presario 700. I have 2 accounts on my laptop, the problem doesn’t occur on the other account (in Win XP you can have multiple logins, each with its own desktop preferences and such). I couldn’t find any tips on the compaq site… anyone has an idea?