A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button:

A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button: FOAF. I am not sure about this one: it doesn’t look like a metadata button to me. Should we have Jakob-like rules for metadata buttons or not?

1. Metadata buttons indicate the name of the standard on the button (not the name of the format like XML or RDF).
2. Provide a link to a metadata page where you explain your different metadata feeds, what they include and wether they are stable or experimental implementations.
3. Metadata feeds live forever.
4. Metadata buttons have a title attribute explaining the button and link to the feed directly, not to an intermediate page.

0 thoughts on “A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button:

  1. Um, how can you call something a button when it doesn’t even look like a button? Buttonize it and then, maybe. All of the metadata buttons have retained the same general style up until now, what gives this guy the right to change that style? If metadata is going to be useful, we need consistency, not creativity.

    I’m all for rules, but could you explain #3 and #4 a little more please? That reminds me, I need to change my XML button to an RSS button.

  2. Here’s hoping you’re kidding. There’s a badge for it in a larger size if you’d like. I’m all for a sense of consistency but let’s not be silly. The small [xml] button is a wreck. And all the variations on it seem to do more to irritate Winer than they do to help users. I ask the rdfweb-dev list for a foaf badge. Ian gracisouly whipped one up. If you’ve got alternatives please let me know.

    I’m sensing the need for a FoaF image contest…

  3. As I said: “or not?” – I’m not sure we want these rules. It’s just that the metadata button situation at the moment is kinda out of hand: or everyone does what they want or we agree on something

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