Charles Nadeau: “Imagine a workgroup

Charles Nadeau: “Imagine a workgroup using Taxomita on their local server. As they browse the web, they can assign metadata to pages linked to their work and compare/aggregate the metadata they assign to the pages. Given a finite vocabulary of words, one can imagine a “democratic” metadata model: If everybody independently assign words from this vocabulary as metadata to pages, one could look at the words assigned to each page and decide that the word that come the more often is the group official metadata word for this given page.”

XFML tool for Radio Userland.

Bill Kearney has written an XFML tool for Radio.

It exports a complete XFML map of your posted items. It automatically pulls out the category data as well as month, year and day info. Bill writes: “I’ve a few options on it that aren’t enabled pending some further testing. I’m more than willing to listen to feedback on it.”

To install, just close Radio, drop the file in your radio>tools folder and restart.

A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button:

A new syndication/xml/feed (metadata) button: FOAF. I am not sure about this one: it doesn’t look like a metadata button to me. Should we have Jakob-like rules for metadata buttons or not?

1. Metadata buttons indicate the name of the standard on the button (not the name of the format like XML or RDF).
2. Provide a link to a metadata page where you explain your different metadata feeds, what they include and wether they are stable or experimental implementations.
3. Metadata feeds live forever.
4. Metadata buttons have a title attribute explaining the button and link to the feed directly, not to an intermediate page.