Ha’aretz: “It does not bother

Ha’aretz: “It does not bother Rosalind Duke that some people regard her lifetime’s work as “one of the most boring things they can think of.” […] “Almost every book brings its own problems and needs,” she says when explaining why she finds the cataloging process so engaging. “They are like people in that sense.” […] Take [Dutch philosopher] Spinoza, she says. “All over the world he’s known as Benedict, but he’s entered in our catalog as Baruch [his Hebrew name], so there is a cross-reference to Benedict, Benedictus and Benedict de. There’s a particular book, Opera Posthuma from 1677, and on its title page [the author’s name] is simply written `B. d. S.’ The cataloger is going to have to do some work on that – they might think it’s Spinoza, but they have to verify it and find the publisher.”

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