End User’s Corner – March

End User’s Corner – March 1998: “So, was Ranganathan a Yahoo!? Perhaps it’s a matter of semantics. Considering his complex notation scheme developed for the Colon Classification, as well as his principles of facet analysis as applied to the organization of digital information, I would say yes.” What I want to know is: what have librarians been doing since then? Is faceted classification as good as it gets from the librarian corner?

0 thoughts on “End User’s Corner – March

  1. Peter,

    I think the biggest thing that library science has taken from Ranganathan is facet analysis, but I don’t think that the colon classification system has been exploited very often — at least not in a way that has been used popularly. I’d love for someone to correct me on that because I haven’t looked closely at the literature for examples of color classification in use today. My guess is that there are many IR systems that do some sort of post-coordination of nodes within facets to create groupings on the fly, and that this may be some form of what Ranganathan proposed.

    Facets, as you probably know, have been used in print indexes for a long time. I always refer to the Art and Architecture Thesaurus because it’s the one I used most.

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