Matt Mower’s Knowledge Log: “Whilst

Matt Mower’s Knowledge Log: “Whilst XTM and XFML do have many similarities (and theoretically you could represent any XFML document using XTM — I think [note: Yes indeed]) they are different.
XTM was designed to be a generalized format for representing arbitrary topic relationships. The upshot is that XTM, whilst expressive, is relatively complicated. XFML is more focused and so, IMO, easier to get going with. XTM can support arbitrary, complex, relationships among topics. XFML supports fewer simpler relationships. Don’t go getting the idea that XFML is inferior though.
One of XFML’s guiding principles is that it be focused and easy to implement. In this I think it succeeds admirably. The spec is only about 8 or 9 pages long. […]”

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