Tanya knows me :) Is

Tanya knows me :) Is there a way to automatically import people who know me into my FOAF file?

0 thoughts on “Tanya knows me :) Is

  1. I think the answer is no to both questions. All I know, I read at this foaf page and the links it leads to.

    See also Mark’s link to his on the right side of his page (says “foaf decode”) and then his comments and links to foaf stuff.

  2. There’s a “Kunekt” button. Contact Information available as RSS/RDF feeds.

    Peter, I’m working in the “Drupal” space and ran across your XFML today. This is very cool. I’ve been trying to get the Drupal developers interested in Collaborative Outlining and then I see XFML. No need to push anymore.

    I find some of this hard to understand but from reading your Implementation Checklist the line:
    “change the URL and the extension breaks” scares the hell out of me. The way I understood outlines was that once one was created it could be taken over and the original could die. I see outlines as getting away from linkrot.

    I see this as the killer application. I’m working on a analysis of a publicly traded holding company. Rather than typing in all the subsidiary companies I would like to import the XFML file. Otherwise I’ll create one and be the “authority” until someone improves it. But if I kill my original URL the XFML dies with it?

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