Scripting News: “The designers of

Scripting News: “The designers of 1.0 wanted to forget that 0.91 happened. 0.91 had the version number, 0.90 didn’t. There ought to be a law taught in Format Design 101. Include a version number. Rule number two. If version n-1 has a version number, version n must also have a version number. Rule number three. You can’t ignore previous versions.”

I’m trying to avoid the whole RSS versioning mess and all the RSS politics with XFML. Dictatorship is a good thing when designing a format.

gladwell dot com– Designs for

gladwell dot com– Designs for Working: ” […] the Ford Motor Company, along with a group of researchers from the University of Michigan, recently conducted a pilot project on the effectiveness of “war rooms” in software development. Previously, someone inside the company who needed a new piece of software written would have a series of meetings with the company’s programmers, and the client and the programmers would send messages back and forth. In the war-room study, the company moved the client, the programmers, and a manager into a dedicated conference room, and made them stay there until the project was done. Using the war room cut the software-development time by two-thirds, in part because there was far less time wasted on formal meetings or calls outside the building: the people who ought to have been bumping into each other were now sitting next to each other. “