I’m on the plane reading

I’m on the plane reading up on some blogs I’ve missed lately! No, it’s not Internet over the Atlantic, it’s IE’s Work Offline feature (Mozilla has it too). Very very cool. I wish there was a way to just point my browser to a set of bookmarks (when am I gonna get a decent bookmark managaging function?) when on a fast connection and say “suck them all in baby, I’ll watch them offline”. Maybe an idea for the Moz guys?

PS: I’m typing this on the plane as well, in Notepad. I also wish there was a way for Movabletype to work offline. But I guess that’s what we have Radio for.

I’ve been using Photomesa for a few months now, and it is great. ZUI’s (Zoomable USer Interface) are a great and logical way to manage your picture collection. I’ve got three months worth of pictures in there, and I see no problem scaling it up to many years of pictures. It’s too bad nobody has made a commercial product out of it (it could do with a bit of polishing and additional features). For that matter, it’s too bad nobody has made a decent picture management tool, ever, as far as I know. I’m a photographer by training, and I know there’s a market there. I’m sure a company could easily create an amazingly useful tool that all professional photographers and many consumers would use. I’m not sure why that hasn’t happened, but it’s dissapointing. Maybe because it would be too easy for MS to incorporate the zooming metaphor as an option for viewing folders in their next release of Windows, thereby killing the product mentioned above. No, that’s not it, the zoomable interface is only part of what I want, there is a lot more: annotation, proper metadata, … MS actually have some decent research on this, too bad I can’t find it – wanna try? My email+blogging time is limited to 40 minutes today and they’re running out.

Innovation seems so damn slow.

I just found the preview edition of Groove on my machine again, an online collaboration tool. Anyone care to install it as well and try it out?

I’m also still looking for the killer tool to manage my social network. Any ideas?

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