ZX VIEWS: “Text is a

ZX VIEWS: “Text is a crucial part of documents, and needs to be viewed both separately and in more built-up and glamorous contexts. We need to be able to see the text and its connections with or without fancy effects and packaging. – However, just for the flavor, let’s start with the fancy effects and work our way back. ” (The Xanadu successor?)

Swift Kick – The Semantic

Swift Kick – The Semantic Argument Web: “I fear that the Semantic Web will go the way of SGML and for basically the same reason: normalization of metadata works real well in confined applications where the payoff is high, control is centralized and discipline can be enforced. In other words: not the Web.”

We’re having a go David, we’re having a go. I am betting that loosely coupled metadata (not centralized control) could turn out really useful.