0 thoughts on “NBS: The Salon: Victor recommends

  1. Since Victor didn’t enable comments on that particular post, I guess I’ll just have to comment here…

    I think the IASalon is a great idea, but it’s not for everyone.

    At our local IA meetings, we get between 5-15 people, usually on the lower end of that spectrum. Most of the people aren’t IAs, they’re designers or programmers with some interest in the subject.

    I’m sure this works well in geographic areas with larger IA populations (NYC, SF, DC), but for us farm folk out here in the middle of the country (St. Louis) it’s unfortunately not an option.

    The nice thing about having a small group is that, in 6+ months doing this, we’ve had success without having to resort to a “speaker/audience configuration.” We’ve had good success balancing discussion sessions on certain topics with hands-on tutorials.

    I’d definately invite 13 IAs to my home for intelligent discussion if I could find 13 IAs in the area.

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