Jakob on drugs?

Christina points to: Improving Usability Guideline Compliance: “Over the last 1.5 years, the average compliance with established usability guidelines increased by 4%. If we can sustain this level of improvement, we’ll reach the ideal of 90% guideline compliance in 2017. ”

The ‘kob looked at 15 sites this year, 20 (different) sites last year, and concludes the Internet will be fixed in 2017. He presents this crap as serious statistics. I checked the URL because it looked as one of those Jakob spoof sites. Is the man doing bad drugs? Believability down 93.4%!

0 thoughts on “Jakob on drugs?

  1. This is crazy. He said the same last week at NNg UX in Sydney. I nearly fell out of my chair. How on earth can he really believe that he can do a straight line projection with 2 data points!

    I usually think he is doing good for the usability community, though I don’t agree with everything. But this is just nuts!

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