RSS 1.0 Modules: Taxonomy: a

RSS 1.0 Modules: Taxonomy: a way of adding taxonomy information to an RSS feed, using RDF and DC. Interesting. I’m looking in to how this can be combined with XFML. Ah, I know: just use a link to an XFML document and add #topicname to identify the topic with the taxo:link element. There you go, done, we just combined RSS 1.0 news feeds containing the last x articles on a website with their (simple) metadata, with an XFML document containing the entire (more complex) metadata map of a website. Imagine the possibilities. You could automatically generate a list of related articles to these latest articles from the RSS feed combined with the XFML document.

I read professional XML Meta Data on the bus and now I think I’m finally starting to get this stuff. Recommended.

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