Research is everyone’s job

New Architect: Inspirational Guidance (via Victor): a review of the book The Art of Innovation.
” [The talked to users …] But not just any users. Instead of hunting for “typical users”, the pre-screened, carefully segmented, demographically consistent humdrums who tend to fill up focus groups, IDEO sought out the “crazy user.”
For example, an office worker named Sally had developed her own idiosyncratic approach to teleconferencing that involved carting a bunch of individual speakerphones into a conference room, setting the phones around a table, dialing in each caller separately, and conducting the conference call in the open air of the room.”

You see now that’s interesting.

“The authors also talk about the importance of what they call “cross-dressers,” or team members who switch disciplines or specialties. Engineers turned designers, for instance, and vice versa. IDEO blurs disciplinary boundaries wherever possible. That’s especially true when it comes to research, a cornerstone of IDEO’s design process. Many design firms still treat research as a stand-alone discipline practiced by Researchers (with a capital R). At IDEO, research is everyone’s job.” (See Better questions, not more answers.)

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