Google’s related links again.

This funky tool (via Peterme) lays out related sites in a nice Java applet, using Google’s API to search for related sites. I tried it out on and it really nicely grouped my interests online as in the following pictures (I added the text and the background colors):

sites related to

0 thoughts on “Google’s related links again.

  1. Hi Pedro,

    Awesome! I love the circles in the background and the large captions.

    I wish that there was a way to display these programatically (rather then having to go in and add them by hand), however I think that this is too difficult of a problem for now.

    We are releasing the next version of the GoogleBrowser pretty soon (enhaced with such features as popup hints which show link descriptions, and the ability to show more then the first 10 related links).

    Another new feature of the new GoogleBrowser will be that incomming and outgoing edges are highlighted when one moves the mouse over a node. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for color schemes for the nodes and their backgrounds, as well as for default and highlighted color for edges and nodes.

    I was thinking of highlighting the incomming edges pink and the ougoing ones light blue to allude to a blood-flow type model, but I don’t like the imagery of the outgoing links as having used up some sort of energy… Maybe some kind of neural model of continued excitation would be better, but I don’t know what colors would represent that.

    So… any design suggestions would be appreciated :)


  2. Hey Alex,
    sorry, but colours aren’t my strong point – trust me on this :)

    The google browser is very cool – congrats! I couldn’t believe how well it represented what I had done on the web.

  3. Hello guys,

    Are you developing this tool? It’s a really good visualization of all the connections… It looks great!!
    The only one remark, I want to give, is that the lines (links) are not easy to follow. If you know, what I mean…

    Many kind regards,

    PS: Please excuse my poor english!

  4. The way how Google calculates the related links would be of some interest to me, much more than the colours. The backlink-version is simpler to understand.

  5. This is a quite interesting tool. But I would like to stress what Matthias said: It´s not easy to follow the single links and read some links at all. The colors should be changed, that´s for sure.

    And some emphasis on the weight of the internal linkstructure would help, too.



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