Good looking people use Intel toys!

I talked to good man Ben from (check out the animations!) yesterday, who was carrying an Intel Play Digital Camera.

intelplaycamera.gifNow this little baby is a miracle of design, usability and just plain coolness. You can take a few minutes of video, audio, you can do stop-motion animation, and it just has like 5 buttons. Ben told me the software is amazingly easy to use as well. I’ve been trying to locate one for sale on the web, no such luck so far…

At I pointed before at the ethnographers Intel employs (like Genevieve Bell) to better understand humans and technology. I didn’t really understand which products they were working on. Now I know. Check out some of their research.

0 thoughts on “Good looking people use Intel toys!

  1. It turns out Intel discontinued the entire camera line (or even all consumer toys?) and decided to focus on producing chips once more.

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